Official launch of batch 4.0 of NEOMA EdTech Accelerator

9 June 2023

🚀 We are excited to announce the official launch of batch 4.0 of NEOMA EdTech Accelerator! 👏 We are proud to present…

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Cohort 3.0 of the Ed Tech accelerator is launched

30 November 2022

🚀 We are thrilled to announce the official launch of cohort 3.0 at NEOMA Ed Tech accelerator! 👏 Proud to introduce the…

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Widen Production : the passion for sport above all !

13 October 2022

Morgan Franc (GBBA 2019) has always had a passion for sport. With a father in the motorcycle industry, Morgan attended competitions from…

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Round table “Be bold in business!”: meet 5 amazing speakers!

23 September 2022

NEOMA BS Incubators and the WO.MEN by NEOMA Alumni club are pleased to invite you to the round table “Be bold in…

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Join the next batch of NEOMA EdTech acceleration program now!

21 September 2022

📣 You run an ed tech startup and want to level up your company as quickly and effectively as possible? Join NEOMA…

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Coup de Pouce 2022 competition: 3 award-winning startups at NEOMA

3 May 2022

End clap for the Coup de Pouce 2022 Contest! On Thursday April 28, the Grand Final of the Competition took place in…

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Cohort 2.0 of the Ed Tech accelerator is launched

28 April 2022

🚀 We are thrilled to announce the official launch of cohort 2.0 in NEOMA EdTech Accelerator 👏 Proud to introduce the selected startups…

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Open Days

15 April 2022

Friday, April 22, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., don’t miss the NEOMA Incubator and Edtech Accelerator Open Days! Lucile Peuch (Reims…

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The PonyCorn Show: April 29, come boost your project!

29 March 2022

You know the Unicorns in the world of startups? You know, those companies valued at over a billion dollars! ManoMano, Blablacar, Vestiaire…

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100 startups to invest in by Challenges: 2 NEOMA startups not to be missed!

24 March 2022

On Thursday March 24, 2022, Challenges published its traditional catalog of the 100 most beautiful French startups in which to invest, a…

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Accelerate your startup with NEOMA #edtech #accelerator

2 March 2022

📣 You run an ed tech #startup and want to level up your company as quickly and effectively as possible? Join NEOMA…

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Oncle Tao, the culmination of a passionate journey

25 January 2022

Uncle Tao is a café like no other. A “coffee of warriors”, as its creator Samuel Tessier calls it, a graduate of…

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Agently, this deeply human digital startup

6 December 2021

While most French people experienced the spring 2020 confinement as a constraint, Louis Carboneill chose to turn it into an opportunity. “How…

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Entrepreneurship, a quest for freedom

26 November 2021

Basically, nothing predestined her to become an entrepreneur. Gwenaëlle Pellerin, CESEM graduate from NEOMA Business School in 2011, loves change and freedom….

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Ecological transition: 12 projects awarded at the WECHANGE Hackathon

23 November 2021

Thursday, November 18, 2021, 12 winners won the WECHANGE Hackathon run by the NEOMA Business School Incubators, in partnership with the Metropolis…

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Meeting herself, she creates her business

27 May 2021

With a frank gaze, laughing eyes, Camille Dubois-Leipp (PGE 14) looks back on her inner journey which led her to create Outtrip,…

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“Tech It Easy”: discover the new tech videos from the Incubators!

11 May 2021

Do you want to meet the current and future challenges of society by creating your own business? Here is a good idea!…

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Entrepreneurship serving the imagination

7 May 2021

Originally there was a name. Firmuyn. But for Louis Bled (PGE 21), then 11 years old, it is more than just a…

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“On this one, we clearly played our lives”: a deal in times of covid

18 February 2021

“I’ve always had a problem with the hierarchy! “Laughs Aurélien Bruna, a 2014 NEOMA Business School graduate, co-founder of Forevents. To be…

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NEOMA ranked 3rd best entrepreneurial school

12 February 2021

For the second time, NEOMA is on the podium of the best entrepreneurial schools in the Student Entrepreneurship Barometer of the Petit…

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“Global Incubator”: create your startup internationally!

18 January 2021

Are you a NEOMA student in the Grande Ecole / Global BBA / TEMA Program? Next year, are you going for a…

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Happy New Year !

1 January 2021

The entire Startup Lab team is pleased to wish you a very happy new year 2021!

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The pursuit of App’Ines

8 December 2020

Are you a physiotherapist? Then you have certainly heard of the startup App’Ines! For all the others, this is a recruitment application…

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Advent calendar for startups

4 December 2020

Tick ​​tock… the countdown to Christmas has begun! Every morning at 9am, discover the startup of the day in the NEOMA Business…

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Arterya, a revolution in the service of nursing staff

27 November 2020

Expected by all practitioners, the Arterya device tackles a gesture performed every two seconds in France: blood gas, or in other words,…

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Citizens, a human adventure full of meaning

19 November 2020

Do you know Citizens? This citizen platform is the link between local associations and businesses in order to facilitate and promote citizen…

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SOLD OUT or how to fight the search for profit at all costs

12 November 2020

Do you dream of acquiring the pair of “Blue the Great” sneakers from Nike? Trust Sold Out to pre-book it and buy…

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Pimp My Sound: more than a business, a love story of music!

3 November 2020

What music should a restaurant choose to count more seats? What sound environment to offer in your store so that customers stay…

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CREATIV ’week: from the art of pitching to entrepreneurship, there is only one step!

20 October 2020

From October 12 to 16, CREATIV week took place throughout France, organized by Pépite France, to educate students about business creation and…

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PicMe awarded the PEPITE Grand Est Regional startup prize!

PicMe, a start-up powered by NEOMA BS Incubators, is one of the Grand Est Region’s five PEPITE award-winning projects. A fantastic acknowledgement…

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Hubspot becomes partner of the Incubators

Since the creation of the NEOMA Incubators, we have taken the success of our startups to heart. In order to continue to…

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The Born Global seminar: an intensive start to the year for the new GBBA 1 students!

16 October 2020

The Global BBA first years have returned to school! Just a few months ago, they were getting ready to sit their baccalaureate….

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Student entrepreneurship in the spotlight in Rouen!

25 September 2020

Thursday September 24, NEOMA was a partner of the Normandy Student Entrepreneurship Days organized by Pépite Vallée de Seine at the Friche…

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After raising 1.25 million euros, the founders of BetOnYou are now betting on their success!

21 September 2020

The startup incubated at NEOMA, BetOnYou, has just managed to raise a total of 1.25 euros for its first Fundraising campaign. This…

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Mobility Business Tour : back on the first edition !

17 July 2020

Tuesday July 7 was the Mobility Business Tour organized by NEOMA Mobility Accelerator and Transdev Rouen. The current health crisis has strongly…

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Ready, steady… Go! Congratulations to the three winners of the ‘Coup de Pouce’ competition !

15 June 2020

On Wednesday 10 June, eight startups incubated at NEOMA faced one another in the final of the Le Roch-Les Mousquetaires Foundation’s Coup…

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AACSB rewards NEOMA’s “Entrepreneurs Across Borders” initiative

24 April 2020

The prize awarded by the prestigious American organisation that places innovation at the heart of its accreditation process acknowledges NEOMA’s place amongst…

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What if startups emerged as the least losers from the crisis? // By Forbes

8 April 2020

The current crisis is impacting all businesses, whether small or large. If large companies have the cash needed to cope with the…

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Discover Ergonimmo, your best friend for investing in real estate!

11 March 2020

Looking to buy a property? You are therefore taking steps that are sometimes akin to the obstacle course! “Should I buy my…

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“I choose adventure!” Gwenvael, 39, converts and creates the startup Chympy!

4 March 2020

Entrepreneurship is a state of mind. Sometimes it manifests itself at the start of studies. Conversely, others are caught up in the…

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Mangopay: a new relevant partner for NEOMA startups!

3 March 2020

The NEOMA BS Incubateurs team is very proud to announce a new partnership that will fully benefit its startups: Mangopay! Mangopay is…

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The NBS Startup Challenge is back in Reims for a new edition!

2 March 2020

On March 6th, 7th, and 8th, around 50 students from Reims will pool their skills and their innovation abilities to collaborate on…

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The Fondation Le Roch-Les Mousquetaires gives a new boost to NEOMA entrepreneurs!

25 February 2020

For the fifth consecutive year, NEOMA is very proud to be associated with the Fondation Le Roch-Les Mousquetaires as part of its…

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UC Berkeley or the art of relying on its network! Continuation of an unforgettable journey for 9 incubated startups.

31 January 2020

The end of the journey to the heart of Silicon Valley is approaching for our young startuppers! They take full advantage of…

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In Silicon Valley, everything changes at 1000 miles an hour and so do our startups!

24 January 2020

Continuing their journey in Silicon Valley, our 10 start-uppers wake up this Thursday morning with stars in their eyes: in a few…

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A TUESDAY in San Francisco: between Google and Stanford, our startuppers fine-tune their concepts!

22 January 2020

The entrepreneurial trip to San Francisco continues for our nine incubated startups! Today, it’s Morgan Ammar, founder of the startup  Cassette, who…

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MONDAY in San Francisco: briefings and brainstorming, the watchwords of Silicon Valley

21 January 2020

“The day starts with homemade pancakes. The smell of coffee filling the room gets everyone’s ideas working and the Monday morning briefing…

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Happy New Year!

1 January 2020

The entire NEOMA Business School Startup Lab is pleased to wish you all a happy new year 2020! Because our actions and…

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10 December 2019

Improving the comfort and performance of outdoor sports enthusiasts is the mission of Verjari®, a start-up powered by NEOMA. Incubated by NEOMA…

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27 November 2019

The Coup de Pouce Competition was held on the Paris campus on Wednesday, November 6. The competition is backed by the Groupement…

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5 November 2019

NEOMA Mobility Accelerator is positioning itself as an expert in business support with the launch of a 2019-2020 catalogue of excellence training…

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THE biggest student festival for innovation and entrepreneurship was back for the 5th time on October 24th! This year, more than 70…

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23 October 2019

After six months’ support from the NEOMA BS Incubators, the B.A.C Paris brand is to be officially launched with the help of…

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16 October 2019

Diane Scemama and Claire Chouraqui (PGE 2013) created Dream Act with the aim of changing consumer habits. Their objective is to work…

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9 October 2019

Who ever said that people from the North never venture outside? It certainly isn’t the founders of the Friche Gourmande Gourmet, who…

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2 October 2019

The three NEOMA BS start-up incubators have joined the “La Boussole” collective in a bid to improve their support for entrepreneurs. La…

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24 September 2019

On September 9, the NEOMA BS Mobility Accelerator’s second selection committee with the support of EDF and Région Normandie took place. The…

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Share your recommendations on BringMeBiz Plateform

17 September 2019

After almost two years’ support from the NEOMA BS Incubators, the BringMeBiz start-up has officially launched its recommendation sharing platform, Nessim Medjkoune…

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10 September 2019

With the support of NEOMA Business School, Danielle Tchana (MBA Full-time 2017), founder of BeSMART-edu, plans to make access to prestigious engineering…

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31 July 2019

The end of the academic year often provides an opportunity to look back over the past year. It is also a time…

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18 July 2019

With a 1.3 million euro fundraising campaign, Ulysses, the start-up powered by NEOMA BS Incubators, is now in a position to develop…

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DEMO DAY “Pitch on the boat”: startups on deck !

2 July 2019

 ​The NEOMA BS Incubators & Accelerators DEMO DAY “Pitch on the boat” was held on Friday, 7 June 2019. The startups…

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EdTech Accelerator: applications are open for the 2nd cohort!

1 July 2019

Have you created a company working in EdTech (focus on higher education institutions or life long learning)? Our Accelerator program could be…

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« London Calling » for start-ups powered by NEOMA Edtech Accelerator !

21 June 2019

The start-ups Frello and Human Roads will be crossing the Channel for the EdTech week to be held in London from June…

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Mobility Accelerator: applications open!

29 May 2019

Have you created a company working in Mobility (the flow of goods, people, or information)? Our Accelerator program could be an opportunity…

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The i-lunch startup closes a fundraising campaign at 1 million euros!

28 May 2019

Victoria BENHAIM (PGE 14) has just completed a €1 million fundraising campaign to intensify the development of her i-lunch startup, powered by…

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Discover Azalearth, your new environmental coach!

19 April 2019

Need a personal coach who will help you act and consume sustainably and  keep you up-to-date on current ecological issues? Meet Azalearth,…

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Calyce Cider Bar: portrait of a sparkling graduate entrepreneur!

A Master in Management graduate in 2017, Camille Guilleminot set out on a passionate entrepreneurship journey with the launch of Calyce Cider…

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NEOMA BS sets up stand at Viva Technology 2019!

From May 16 to 18, NEOMA Business School will be participating at the Viva Technology exhibition for the 1st time! A stand…

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Denis Gallot flies out to Minneapolis to promote the “entrepreneurs without borders” scheme

From April 13 to 17, our Director of the NEOMA BS Start-up Lab, is in the USA for the ICBI33 (International Conference…

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Powered by NEOMA BS Rouen: at the heart of the dialogue between start-ups and partners for innovation!

11 April 2019

The latest edition of the Powered by Rouen organised by NEOMA BS Incubators was held in the heart of the Village by…

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WEWEB start-up awarded a $10,000 grant!

13 March 2019

Of the 3,000 companies participating in the Start-up School programme at the American Y Combinator accelerator, only 100 received a $10,000 grant….

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Powered by NEOMA BS – Reims: celebrating a passion for entrepreneurship

25 February 2019

February 14th in Reims was not only a day of celebration for lovers, but also as day for lovers of entrepreneurship. The…

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The startup Wepetsitty taken over by Wanimo!

10 January 2019

The end of 2018 marked not only the start of the holiday season, but also the acquisition of the start-up WePetsitty by…

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WE DO GOOD: a new partner for you to invest in our startups!

4 January 2019

Our startups have talent! In order to allow our young entrepreneurs to go even further in their development, we are delighted to…

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High school and college students discover entrepreneurship with “Option Startup” on campus

20 November 2018

Option Startup is a national event aimed at school students. For this 4th year, more than 15,000 young people, along with their…

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Redbull Basement University: two students to represent France in the grand final!

Marion OBERT et Marion DILLEMANN are selected for the international final in Berlin. Their concept against food waste and junk food convinced…

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The start-up Ecoframe, winner of the National PEPITE Prize – Springboard for Student Entrepreneurship

Thursday, November 15, 2018, Bastien Gadenne, MSc in Global Management student at NEOMA Business School and co-founder of the Ecoframe startup, and…

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Entrepreneurship Week is coming back to Reims!

12 November 2018

POTENTIEL, local operator of the PÉPITE Champagne-Ardenne (Students Pole for Innovation, Transfer and Entrepreneurship), organizes with the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, NEOMA…

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Eldorado: the new partner of Incubators at the service of startups!

29 October 2018

We are very pleased to announce the new partnership between NEOMA BS Incubators and Eldorado, a unique platform that identifies and categorizes…

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Nachos raises one million euros !

Nachos, the young company specialising in Mexican fast-food, founded by Benoît Leroy (Global BBA 2012) under the guidance of the NEOMA BS…

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Red Bull Basement University : Red Bull gives wings to ideas too!

22 October 2018

On Thursday, October 11, the Rouen-based NEOMA Business School Incubator, together with the Déclic Entreprendre association, had the pleasure of welcoming the…

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Allergomarket opens its first bricks-and-mortar store!

16 October 2018

It’s official! The start-up Allergomarket, powered by NEOMA BS Incubators, opens its first bricks-and-mortar store in Rouen on Saturday 6 October 2018!…

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The Greater Reims Entrepreneurship Road Trip is back!

19 September 2018

The Greater Reims Entrepreneurship Road Trip is back! For the sixth consecutive year, the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne and its partners (including…

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Incubators DEMO DAY: pitches and encounters!

10 July 2018

80! We welcomed 80 startup lovers and projects founders on Wednesday 4 July for our 2018 DEMO DAY! The aim? To pitch…

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NEOMA BS: 1st in entrepreneurship in the rankings by Le Parisien Etudiant!

28 June 2018

On Thursday, May 16, 2018, Le Parisien Etudiant published its ranking of business schools to give students as much information as possible…

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Thanks to the Matrix 42 program, become an entrepreneur in 10 months… and maybe more!

26 April 2018

In keeping with their determination to encourage students to develop their creativity and innovative spirit, NEOMA Business School and the Matrix 42…

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