2 October 2019 By

The three NEOMA BS start-up incubators have joined the “La Boussole” collective in a bid to improve their support for entrepreneurs.

La Boussole (transl: The Compass) is a joint initiative launched by 10 different company support structures based on the following premise: a start-up with the right support has a higher chance of success. However, the profusion of existing structures makes an entrepreneur’s choice more complicated.


La Boussole has two objectives:

  • provide support staff with the resources to help improve effectiveness and to make their services more visible
  • highlight the added value they can bring to entrepreneurs and provide a simplified overview of the support programme on offer. This will allow entrepreneurs to find a solution that is best adapted to their needs.

François Jolly, Head of the Incubators, has been working with La Boussole over the past few weeks and is already beginning to see the benefits: “In order to give more effective support to the start-ups, we need to be as well-armed as possible. Meeting and talking to colleagues is one way. We meet regularly to strengthen and expand our networks and share our good practices. It is essential for the support structures to meet and interact as much as possible. This not only allows us to improve our own service, but also to compete with start-up producing countries and regions such as the United States and Asia. We are helping  to create a rich entrepreneurial ecosystem.”

This partnership is very important for the Incubators, but the real beneficiaries are the entrepreneurs powered by NEOMA BS.