The program

NEOMA BS Incubators supports project backers from the idea to the first fundraiser. To apply, a team must consist of at least one NEOMA Business School student or graduate. Our Incubators accept all types of projects, with the exception of startups of a political or religious nature, or inconsistent with public order and French regulations in force.

1st contact

Do you have an idea for a ​​startup?

  • Have you already thought about it, have you started a market study and analyzed the possible business models?
  • Did you just write down your idea on a restaurant tablecloth or pitch the idea during a chat with friends?


We can discuss your project and explore it together!


After the first contact, depending on the stage of development of your project, you reach the pre-incubation phase. In this phase, you validate your offer by confronting it with the market, you estimate the market potential, you meet other entrepreneurs to fine-tune your project and, if applicable, “pivot” …

In a word: you turn a simple idea into a well-thought project for a startup.

Included services: personalized coaching, events, competition, network


After the pre-incubation phase, depending on the stage of development of your project, you reach incubation. In this phase, you transform your project into a real startup by studying all the issues (strategy, human resources, marketing, technical, web, legal, etc.), and develop a prototype or a model of your product and/or service …

In a word: you prepare for the full-size launch!

Included services:

  • Equipped offices
  • Personalized coaching
  • Training program consisting in relevant traning sessions alongside professionals
  • “Experts-in-residence”: meetings with business experts
  • Web Lab: Web development cell involving student engineers from partner institutions to develop websites and applications
  • Mentoring with graduated experienced business leaders
  • Events to meet local partners in entrepreneurship and innovation
  • DEMO DAY: pitches and meetings with investors
  • International study trips at the heart of the cradles of innovation

Cost : €50/month and per project


Congratulations, you have created your business! What are the next steps?

You are supported by NEOMA BS Incubators until your first fundraising event, i.e. until your business is viable.

From then on, if your project is part of the Mobility sector in the broad sense or in the field of future education, you can apply to join one of our accelerators:

  • NEOMA Mobility Accelerator
  • NEOMA EdTech Accelerator

For other sectors, we provide many opportunities to meet the major players in startup support in France and abroad.

Use them to make yourself known and join one of their acceleration programs!