Your profile

My startup is young or still in the project stage.
I have not yet held my first fundraising event.

I have developed my startup in the mobility sector (in the broad sense). I have already held at least one fundraising event.

My startup promotes innovation in education. I have already held at least one fundraising event.

Our tasks


To inform our community of the current issues, innovations and profound transformations that will impact tomorrow’s market. The aim? To inspire ideas for projects!

Raise awareness

To raise the awareness of our students and graduates about entrepreneurship. The aim? To encourage vocations!


To offer budding entrepreneurs university and training courses tailored to their entrepreneurial ambitions. The goal? Teach them the basics needed for the job of entrepreneur!


To support all project leaders in the creation and development of their startups. The aim? To give them the best chance of success!



Like any entrepreneur, surfers are attentive to their environment. They spot the best waves, swim to reach them and dive in with passion. The same way that project leaders seize opportunities to develop the business closest to their heart.

Innovation is a state of mind …

You too can find the swell, go beyond the shorebreak, choose your wave and stand up, claim your wave, get back onto the board in case of a wipe-out, try again and again and finally make the slashback!

You too, spot the market trends, cross the entry barriers, get started at the right time, stand out from your competitors, bounce back in case of failure and then accelerate!

Our expertise

A team of experienced entrepreneurs to support you in your project

A highly active network of partners and mentors

A training program tailored to your level of development

A stimulating environment to meet other startups and exchange best practices