Check out all the startups accompanied by NEOMA EdTech Accelerator

Portfolio of the accelerated startups:


ASphere is a certified training organization specializing in AI, cybersecurity, and blockchain. They use a SAAS platform powered by AI and blockchain to validate competencies and aim to acculturate companies to AI-driven projects. The future plans include e-learning courses, a post-graduate school in AI and educating professionals enabled to shape the AI standards and regulations.

Contact: Benjamin Maurice


BeSMART-edu is the first online science preparatory class. Based on a platform for preparation for major competitions and higher degrees, BeSMART-edu digitizes the scientific preparatory classes service. How? On the one hand, using artificial intelligence to better define the profile of students and guide them to a path adapted to their personality and abilities. On the other hand, by giving young people outside the big cities access to quality preparation. The goal? Give them the same chances of success in competitions as their peers!

Beyond Words

Beyond Words is a platform providing online training courses through integrated digital solutions. All the learning programs are fully remote and available in virtual reality. Users without access to a computer receive a tablet with all the parameters already set to access Zoom and remote learning tools.

Besides, BEYOND WORDS provides its users with training solutions, accessible through interactive e-books and lessons with a group facilitator.

Contact : Maria Grazia Le Mura

Brian. Study for exams

Brian is an engaging data-driven learning platform for universities and their students to enhance learning success. It provides an outstanding representation of the learning process with unparalleled precision and required effort while empowering students with a social and AI-driven adaptive learning experience.

Contact: Ralph Forsbach


Celestory, the first solution to create a web application or smartphone in white label from your textual and audiovisual content.

Constel Education

Constel Education puts human interactions at the core of the school pedagogy. With the help of this platform, you can deploy a peer-to-peer mentoring program at the scale of your school to meet your students’ demands.

Contact: Paul Cartier

Deep Memory

Deep Memory ensures, accelerates and organizes learning, on any subject and for any type of learner. They use active learning with flashcards and spaced repetition, which are proven neuro-sciences principles, and accelerate them through AI to create a new, adaptative, amazing learner and teacher experience. 

Contact: Alexandre Pinhas


The first recruitment and training company dedicated to the sustainable employability of young talents. The innovative digital solution enables Dreamin’job to “hunt” the best young candidates among the thousands they train every year in higher education institutions.

Contact: Damien Gosseries


Edmaster is a platform with the academic masterclasses made by peers, where educational masterclasses are made by the top-graded students of the faculty to help the others succeed and better understand summarized material.

This is an educative program consisting of short videos with unlimited access by monthly subscription.

Contact : Cédric Goffeau

ENCAF by MEDEF International

The international digital ecosystem for professional skills.

Contact: Liza Podgornaia


Evalmee is the first hybrid proctoring platform which allows schools to assess students with clarity and simplicity, on a computer, either on campus or remotely.

It is very easy for teachers to access the secure platform where they can make corrections and evaluate – once the students have taken the exams on their computer. When the exam is taken in remote, anti-fraud systems involving AI make sure the conditions of exams are strictly respected, and the results are fair and meritocratic. 

Contact : Florian Barral


A unique solution for individuals and education professionals with an intuitive and powerful resume builder.

Contact: Antoine Debernardi


« Learn Real French with Real People »

What if learning to speak French, online, in two months was possible? Frello makes conversation with native speakers central to its teaching method and makes learning a foreign language an authentic, lively and enriching experience.

Good Journey

Good Journey designs wonderful learning experiences to enhance humans. They believe in learning as a tool to solve world-class problems and help people achieve their true selves. They are producing e-learning content with a method at the edge of pedagogy and entertainment. They are also disrupting virtual classes with an approach based on e-Sport streaming practices. Cause learning needs to be cool again, Good Journey is building an exciting journey to the future.

Contact: Clement Hellard


Specialist in data collection and visualization of graduates, humanroads builds tools for guidance, job placement and employment.

LEAP – The Business Model Game

LEAP – The Business Model Game is a tool designed to transform ideas into profitable and innovative business models through collective intelligence. Based on the Business Model Canvas, this serious board game fosters dialogue and engagement in 27 countries. LEAP is used by the educational sector to develop entrepreneurial skills, incubators and accelerators to support entrepreneurs and build cohesive communities, and by innovation departments in companies to challenge and rethink their business models.

Contact: Laura Martinet


Omnilive is a patented SaaS solution mixing multi-camera livestream video and machine learning. The technology makes it possible to produce online educational paths in video and provides teachers and students with interactive tools helping them optimize learning roadmaps and performance. It is based on an interactive video player that allows each student to highlight the information that seems most relevant to them at the moment.

Social Clean

Social Clean was born from the will to propose a simple and efficient solution to manage your personal data on the Internet and social networks. In a few seconds, the technology based on artificial intelligence identifies your sensitive content and helps you to modify or delete them.

The user remains the decision-maker of the process, nothing is deleted by mistake, and no information is transmitted to employers or school administrators.

Contact: Armand de Virel


Soft Kids is the first creator of edutainment content to cultivate soft skills for kids from 6 to 15 years old. It creates programs and training for students, parents and education professionals.

Contact: Solenne Le Goaziou-Bocquillon


Spatium digitizes history education by giving students visual experience and understanding when and where the history had happened using the dynamic maps.

Contact: Nikolay Dunev


Since 2014 Tech Kids Academy has been training children from 7 to 17 years old through face-to-face workshops in coding, robotics, electronics and design. In order to scale up its business the company digitalizes its activities and launches iTech Campus, an e-learning platform to prepare the young ones for the challenges of tomorrow. The remote courses are specially designed for the 10-24-year-old.

Contact : Alexandra Bernard