Our experts, mentors, student volunteers and developers

Are you passionate about entrepreneurship? Are you an expert in your job and your expertise can benefit our creators? Are you a student and you want to offer your services to startups? Are you a graduate, you have experience in entrepreneurship and you want to support our startups? Are you a developer and would like to have an internship with one of our startups?

Contact us : incubateurs@neoma-bs.fr

Students providing skills

If you are a student, do you have a particular skill? Do you have a recognized talent? Do you think you can help Incubator projects get started?

NEOMA BS Incubator projects regularly look for skills in webdesign, graphic design, logo design, etc., as well as many other areas.

Students entrepreneurs without a project

Are you an entrepreneur at heart but you have no project? Do you want to join an incubated project?

We can put you in contact with project backers seeking to complete their team of founders or looking for trainees.

Become a mentor

You are an experienced entrepreneur. You want to hand on to young people what you have learned during your career and/or you want to participate in a new challenge in entrepreneurship.

You can volunteer your experience to one or more NEOMA BS Incubator projects by being their mentor, the experienced person who will provide a considered opinion about what you have done in similar circumstances.

Offer your expertise

You are a graduate of the School, you have a skill in a given field that makes you an expert recognized by your profession.

We regularly use the services of graduates to provide technical training on topics involving entrepreneurship.

We can list you in our database of experts.

Web task force

Many of the projects supported by NEOMA BS Incubators focus on e-commerce, e-business, mobile applications… in short, the Internet.

To meet these needs, in January 2012 we launched a web development unit which is responsible for coding the sites and applications of incubated projects. Hosted by our web project manager Stéphane Motte, the unit provides the following services:

  • Correction and confirmation of the specifications drafted by the project leaders
  • Preparation and follow-up of the production schedule
  • Coding with weekly runs with project leaders (including remote)
  • Follow-up and supervision of the members of the Web Task Force
  • Regular meetings with developers / project leaders
  • Acceptance testing: Functional testing and validation
  • Publication and web positioning of the sites produced.

You are an engineering student, you are a student in webdesign, computer graphics and you would like to have an internship with us?

Apply by sending your resume and cover letter to : incubateurs@neoma-bs.fr