Meet a startup!

The success of a startup depends a lot on the quality of its team, from its founders and the ones that emerge every day. Ideally, the members of this team should be complementary. A marketing-management oriented project leader, for example, has every interest in joining forces with engineers, designers, financiers, etc. An engineer project leader, for his part, should also complete his team with “business” profiles. We see in the support structures that many of these teams are incomplete. One or more co-founder roles are still missing. Conversely, many people come to structures to integrate a startup project, without knowing them.

This is why the Startup Lab of NEOMA Business School is launching today its solutions to allow each startup to discover new profiles for its company: interns and associates.

The principle?

The association convinced you:

  • Are you in charge of a project? Post it on the platform, specifying the skills you are looking for among your future associates!
  • Do you want to participate in an existing project? Respond to announcements posted by entrepreneurs on the platform and meet your future associates!

The internship kicks you off:

  • Are you in charge of a project? Post your internship offers on the platform specifying the skills and profile of your future intern, also discover the available profiles!
  • Do you want to discover working in a startup? Post your profile and discover the offers available to you!

Join forces!

Looking for a project? Join a startup!
Startup? Discover the ideal profile for your future partner!

An internship !?

Candidate ? Find the startup to do your internship!
Startup? Find the ideal profile for your internship offer!