A word about NEOMA EdTech Accelerator

NEOMA Business School disseminates a high level of entrepreneurial culture through specialized training courses and the creation on its three campuses of mainstream business incubators. Since their launch in 2011, more than 150 projects have been developed within these structures. Continuing on from that success, the School now has two specialized accelerators, in Edtech in Reims and in Mobility in Rouen. The EdTech Accelerator is integrated into NEOMA Business School: we work with its Faculty and all the services to support hand in hand the acceleration of EdTech startups.

By “EdTech” we mean the whole new technologies and methodologies helping students and learners to have a better learning experience. The term therefore covers a wide range of activities: educational methods for learning to learn and developing creativity, digital technologies and tools for the efficient transmission of knowledge and skills; new student facilities; teacher’s supports; institutional management…

The NEOMA EdTech Accelerator capitalizes on NEOMA BS’s commitment to digital and technology-based educational innovation. EdTech is a major focus of the School, which for many years has favored the development of innovating pedagogic processes, such as Immersive Virtual Reality, launched in 2016 as a world first in a business school.

The EdTech accelerator is based on the strengths of NEOMA BS:

  • the testing and application of technologies direct with students through our Learning Lab and our Faculty’s department dedicated to innovative pedagogy;
  • access to our corporate partners and a network of 300+ international universities;
  • linking with our 10.000+ students and non-profit stakeholders.

The aim is to support innovative projects that work on the fast and sustainable integration of learning outcomes and on the increased engagement of students in their learning process.

NEOMA EdTech Accelerator is a business coaching service specializing in EdTech. It focuses on the company’s 360° success, the speed of its economic development and the strengthening of its positive impact.

Our slogan summarizes the approach: “fast and good growth”.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a course leader, or an investor, if you wish to become a partner with our Accelerator, we should be delighted to work alongside you to give a new impetus to EdTech startups and our ecosystem.

Oxana Anémone
Head of NEOMA EdTech Accelerator

The team

Denis Gallot
of the NEOMA Business School
Startup Lab

Oxana Anémone
Head of NEOMA EdTech Accelerator

Alain Goudey
Director of Digital Transformation
Associate Professor
NEOMA Business School

Marie-Laure Massué
Director of the Teaching
& Learning Center
NEOMA Business School