Entrepreneurship is one of the major focuses for NEOMA Business School. For this reason, NEOMA BS Incubators supports project teams consisting of at least one student or graduate from the School in the creation of their company, from the very idea of ​​the startup to the first fundraiser.

«At NEOMA Business School, innovating is more than just a word. It’s a genuine state of mind that we share with our students, our graduates and our entire community. Our Incubators reflect the wish to be part of a movement, to sail a sea of possibilities, and give life to your ambitions. It is a great adventure in which we are happy to accompany budding entrepreneurs to guide them to success.

You too, whether you are an entrepreneur or you want to invest with these young enthusiasts, I invite you to “Catch the wave” with NEOMA BS Incubators! »

Denis Gallot,
Director of the NEOMA Business School Startup Lab

The team

Alain Coulaud
Reims Incubator

Flora Davoult
Policy Officer

Denis Gallot
Startup Lab

François Jolly
Incubator Business Manager

Stéphane Motte
Web Taskforce

Simone Sarlin-Hamel
Legal Assistant