Widen Production : the passion for sport above all !

13 October 2022 By

Morgan Franc (GBBA 2019) has always had a passion for sport. With a father in the motorcycle industry, Morgan attended competitions from an early age. His circle of friends is made up exclusively of sportsmen: basketball players, motorcyclists, Formula 1 pilots… For his part, Morgan practiced BMX for 10 years in competition. His goal was clear since his adolescence: he was going to work in connection with the world of sport. “When I saw how difficult it was to break through as a professional athlete, I looked for another path related to sport. Journalist ? Okay. Sports coach ? Yeah… So I turned to entrepreneurship, which allowed me to create something inspiring while touching all areas of a business: financial, marketing, strategy… It’s this freedom to become who I wanted which attracted me! »

Aiming to study at NEOMA, and in order to give himself every chance of joining this international school, Morgan moved to the United States for a year, in High School, in order to perfect his English skills. An incredible experience, in the heart of the cradle of BMX where he will test the local practices of his favorite sport.

Back in France, he joined NEOMA in 2015. A second international trip marked him particularly: his exchange in Japan, the country of motorcycle manufacturers (Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawazaki, etc.). Morgan finds himself in an environment that is both culturally very different from France, and at the same time with landmarks that are familiar to him. He fell in love with this detail-oriented culture and is still inspired by it today in his creations.

Back from Japan, Morgan embarks on a major challenge: he manages three lives in parallel. He is both a student at NEOMA (with a ban on missing classes), an entrepreneur alongside his friend Théo Ledru, and an employee of Red Bull. The ten months that followed were particularly intense and Morgan slept very little. But in addition to the fatigue that his commitment generates, he also knows that he is laying the groundwork for the future. With Red Bull, he developed his network in extreme sports, dear to his heart, and launched into the promotion of major sports brands with WIDEN PRODUCTION.

One of his first projects is to accompany his friend Pierre Gasly, Formula 1 driver, in a test session in Barcelona. He wants to make a promotional film based on the test shots on the circuit. He struggles to realize his video project despite the censorship linked to the world of motor racing and submits his project to Red Bull. Subsequently, Morgan and Théo proposed an “Off Season F1” video project worth €40,000 to Honda, Pierre Gasly’s engine manufacturer, who immediately accepted. This project takes him to Japan, Mexico, the United States, the Netherlands for 3 months.

Recognized by Red Bull, the company hired Morgan first on an internship, then on a salaried contract for 2 years to manage the advertising management around the bicycle activity. While Theo develops his skills as a videographer, Morgan consolidates his network in extreme sports as well as his strengths in marketing, communication and advertising. This period will make them very complementary partners and allow Morgan to find his place in his startup. At the same time, in his last year of studies at NEOMA, he joined the NEOMA Incubator and created, with the help of his coach, the statutes of WIDEN PRODUCTION as an SAS.

After leaving Red Bull, the first year of full-time activity for WIDEN PRODUCTION is a success. “Our business has skyrocketed due to covid. The big brands had no choice but to communicate through video or advertising and that’s what made all the difference. Surrounded by a team of sports enthusiasts, Morgan and Théo make it a point of honor to add emotion to each of their creations. The year 2022 looks very similar to 2021, but Morgan is not resting on its laurels: “At the moment, we are aware that the global situation can change overnight so we also want to diversify. In order to continue to support the big brands in their promotion, we also offer product design, graphics, drawing, etc. »

Next step for WIDEN PRODUCTION: opening a branch in the United States and another in Japan!

“When you’re young, you don’t have much to lose, it’s the right time to start your business! Guided by the right people, like the NEOMA Incubator for example, the road is easier. We climb one step at a time and when we reach the top, freedom awaits us! So get started! »

Discover WIDEN PRODUCTION: https://widenproduction.fr/
For your video projects, contact Morgan: morgan@widenproduction.fr