Pimp My Sound: more than a business, a love story of music!

3 November 2020 By

What music should a restaurant choose to count more seats? What sound environment to offer in your store so that customers stay longer? What phone-on-hold music can customer service play to calm unhappy people? So many questions to which the startup Pimp My Sound answers!

Pimp My Sound is a communication and sound marketing agency run by Victor Gourdon, graduated from the Global BBA in 2017 and from the PGE in 2019. Based in Luxembourg, Victor returns to the origin of his project, which has its roots in his adolescence. . “In college, I lacked self-confidence. I felt like I was average in everything, that I could never stand out in any discipline. And then, a bit by chance, I started playing the guitar. I was amazed at how quickly I was progressing! Suddenly, I was good at something. I realized that until then, I had just never done an activity that was right for me, but that didn’t mean it didn’t exist. Music boosted me and gave me confidence in my abilities. He has never stopped practicing since. Today he has 41 musical instruments in his home. “I’m not a virtuoso of all these instruments,” he laughs, “but it gives me a wide knowledge of the sounds that I can then offer to my clients.”

While continuing his studies, Victor specialized in marketing. His double hat as a musician and business expert is rare and he wants to take advantage of it. “I quickly realized that companies had difficulty working on their sound identity because the service providers they called on were often musicians totally immersed in the art world but without connection to the economic reality of companies. So I decided to create my startup Pimp My Sound when I was a 3rd year Bachelor student at NEOMA in order to guide companies in their sound strategy, an essential marketing component that is still under-exploited today. »In Luxembourg, Victor is the only one to offer this service to companies. He thus has in his client portfolio a few large accounts, such as the world headquarters of Ferrero, for which he produces the voiceover for an internal communication video.

Victor can also work on sound effects for mobile applications, sound logos, advertising music… “The act of buying is guided by several stimuli and the sound environment is part of it. It is a field of non-verbal communication to which companies are increasingly attentive. ”

This entrepreneurial adventure suits him perfectly: “My startup is the sum of my passions. Every day, I choose to work in accordance with my principles, my values. I choose my strategy, I live at my own pace, I am not accountable to anyone… It’s very nice! Being my own boss, I see the results of my efforts firsthand, which is very rewarding. It’s also risky because if I don’t do things right, I’m the only one to feel the consequences. But every entrepreneur does and I like this freedom of action. I won’t change it for the world! ”


Victor fondly remembers his first loyal customer, a real dedication to his work! “It was the first time that a client came back to me for a request, without having to canvass them, it really made me happy! It’s also proof that the work done was relevant! “Today, he wants to become THE reference in sound marketing in Luxembourg. To do this, Victor invests in networks and takes care of the image of his startup. “I have to present an irreproachable visual and sound identity of my own company if I want to be credible in this area with other companies. Even though he also has a few French clients, Victor doesn’t want to move to Paris. “Rather, I prefer to develop an offer of additional services in order to increase my portfolio of loyal customers and gain notoriety in a city with less competition. ”

Luxembourg also offers him strategic proximity to the city of Nancy, where the “Music Academy International” school is based, a renowned structure in which Victor finds his musical resources. “I worked for 5 months at this school as an expert in marketing and communication so I know the house well! On a regular basis, depending on customer requests, I seek the participation of choirs, musicians or access to a recording studio. It’s great fun to keep a direct connection with the music world even as I develop my business. ”

Do not hesitate to discover Victor’s achievements on his website: www.pimpmysound.audio

Or to contact him directly: contact@pimpmysound.audio