Student entrepreneurship in the spotlight in Rouen!

25 September 2020 By

Thursday September 24, NEOMA was a partner of the Normandy Student Entrepreneurship Days organized by Pépite Vallée de Seine at the Friche Lucien in Rouen.

Following an inspiring talk by Bakary Kamara, founder of Tib Top, several entrepreneurs shared their experiences with students who came to learn more about starting a business. The CCI, the Entrep ‘, Normandie Incubation, the CRESS, ADDRESS, the Entreprendre Network, Hacking Health, Scop 276 … many local innovation players participated in the event in order to present to visitors a complete panel of support structures at their disposal. It is within this dynamic ecosystem that the student association Déclic Entreprendre from NEOMA informed visitors about the school’s entrepreneurial spirit:

“I am delighted that Déclic was able to take part in this wonderful event! We met inspiring entrepreneurs throughout the day and left pumped up! It was also essential for us to appear among the major players in entrepreneurship in Rouen and thus guide external students to our school for a 100% business creation journey “, explains Yoann Le Nan, President of Déclic Entreprendre.

A highlight for the entire entrepreneurial community of Rouen, which each year encourages young people from the Rouen conurbation to calmly embark on THE project that makes them vibrate.