Thanks to the Matrix 42 program, become an entrepreneur in 10 months… and maybe more!

26 April 2018 By

In keeping with their determination to encourage students to develop their creativity and innovative spirit, NEOMA Business School and the Matrix 42 Program are delighted to formalize an ambitious partnership fostering entrepreneurship.

The Matrix program is a training, innovation and entrepreneurship course resulting from the convergence of 42 – a computer school of a new kind that trains without any teachers, without any courses, 24/7, in every IT business line, but especially in creativity – and the Creative Valley, and innovation hub and startup incubator that promotes meetings between schools, companies and future issues.

The objective of this training module is to enable students from different institutions to jointly address issues expressed by partner organizations (public or private) by developing an entrepreneurial project.

As students in 2nd year of the NEOMA Business School Master’s degree course, this program is open to you. For example it can form part of a sabbatical year with a professional semester.

Highly concrete, the program takes place over 10 months in Paris, and can follow the creation of the company or the support of the project team within NEOMA BS Incubators. It is completely free. The complete process is presented below.

The first Matrix consists in imagining what could be the “health business of the future”, with new professions, new uses, new services to be provided to patients and to different healthcare providers (caregivers, health professionals, etc.), using new technology.

If you apply by or before June 30, 2018, you can integrate this module from September 2018 if your application is accepted. The program will run throughout the school year until June 2019 and will give you any opportunity to revolutionize the healthcare professions and uses thanks to new technology.

In addition to the strategic and vital nature of this project, it will also allow you to put yourself in the shoes of an entrepreneur, to work in multidisciplinary teams, to meet healthcare providers in the field, and demonstrate your innovative spirit to solve the issues at hand. With your ingenuity, your motivation and your sense of innovation, your project will have a direct impact on thousands of people!

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APPLICATIONS accepted until June 30, 2018

Please send :

A motivational email + your CV

to Tiphaine Liu, Director, Matrice Program



The complete process is as follows: