Denis Gallot flies out to Minneapolis to promote the “entrepreneurs without borders” scheme

19 April 2019 By

From April 13 to 17, our Director of the NEOMA BS Start-up Lab, is in the USA for the ICBI33 (International Conference on Business Incubation) conference. The opportunity to speak and promote the new “Entrepreneurs without Borders” scheme.

Every year, Denis Gallot, Director of the Start-up Lab and the NEOMA BS Rouen Campus, heads to the United States for a week for a conference organised by InBIA (International Business Innovation Association), an association of more than 2000 members committed to the promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation. In particular, the conference provides an opportunity for all the participants to share their best practices in supporting and promoting entrepreneurship within their different organisations and the chance to forge new partnerships.

In the past, Denis Gallot has already had the pleasure of presenting the importance of the Incubator Web Lab, a web development unit that allows engineering students with ‘business-profiles’ from partner schools to carry out their internships in incubated start-ups. He has also brought the importance of a network of incubators to the attention of the assembly, taking the example of the “IES” (Higher Education Incubators), the association co-founded by NEOMA BS with a number of Incubator Directors in France, including Audencia, HEC and EM Normandie. The objective of this association is to take advantage of one another’s experience to offer more appropriate support for incubated start-ups by pooling human and financial resources.

This year, the “Entrepreneurs without Borders” scheme is under the spotlight 

This joint programme, between the Master in Management programme and NEOMA BS Incubators, will be launched in September 2020. The benefits are based on a principle that has dual benefits: on the one hand, NEOMA BS students will leave on exchange and continue to work on the development of their business project with a consortium of international incubators, and on the other hand, students from these partner institutions will benefit from the same system when they come to NEOMA BS on exchange and benefit from the support of NEOMA BS Incubators.

A world first! A number of partnerships have already been signed with partner universities in China, Brazil, Morocco, Ireland and the United States with the BRIDGE-Entrepreneurship programme, which invites students to benefit from the UC Berkeley programmes and network to embark on an exceptional business adventure in the heart of Silicon Valley.

The “Entrepreneurs without Borders” programme is clearly in line with the entrepreneurial initiative fostered by NEOMA BS, once again positioned as a pioneer in this field.

“The ICBI33 conference represents a great opportunity for us because we will not only consolidate our position as a leader in the field of entrepreneurship, but we also hope that other prominent universities present will take the opportunity to join our partnership network. This will allow us to offer more high-quality destinations to NEOMA BS student entrepreneurs, and also to host international students in our own Incubators. This cultural mix promises to be extremely rewarding for our young students currently in incubation,” explains Denis Gallot


Please find the complete conference programme here : /.