“Global Incubator”: create your startup internationally!

18 January 2021 By

Are you a NEOMA student in the Grande Ecole / Global BBA / TEMA Program? Next year, are you going for a semester on an international academic exchange? Or will the year 2021-2022 be your last year of study?

Take the opportunity to develop your business creation project internationally with the “Global Incubator” program, unique to NEOMA!

Two routes are available to you:

  • The so-called “classic” course: a semester of international academic exchange in one of the partner universities of “Global Incubator”. On the program: entrepreneurship-oriented courses, work sessions within the partner incubator, and full immersion in a different entrepreneurial culture! Think global!
  • The “BRIDGE – ENTREPRENEURSHIP” course by Schoolab and UC Berkeley: spend your last year of studies developing your business within Silicon Valley! On the program: an incubation at Schoolab Paris and San Francisco and a semester at the prestigious University of Berkeley! Discover the world cradle of innovation, benefit from an extraordinary network, meet entrepreneurs who will change your life!

Applications for these two routes will take place from January 25 to February 1, 2021 at midnight.

To learn more about “Global Incubator” and to apply, click here.