The i-lunch startup closes a fundraising campaign at 1 million euros!

28 May 2019 By

Victoria BENHAIM (PGE 14) has just completed a €1 million fundraising campaign to intensify the development of her i-lunch startup, powered by NEOMA BS Incubators.

A great success for this serial entrepreneur who had previously attempted to develop LIVA, a start-up marketing a QR Code bracelet aimed at saving lives by transmitting essential health information to medical professionals in emergency situations.

After a number of disappointments, she embarked on a new adventure and set up i-lunch, a meal delivery platform connected to health data. For the price of a luncheon voucher, a balanced and tasty menu is delivered directly to your office. i-lunch accounts for the nutritional content of each dish and offers a personalised follow-up, adapted to the needs of each individual. Several dishes, prepared by chefs in the i-lunch premises, are served à la carte every day.

Her advice for bouncing back? Use failure as a catalyst for change!

“Successful entrepreneurs are quoted widely in the press, and for good reason! They have revolutionised many areas. But we often forget to talk about the difficulties they had to face and overcome to get to where they are today. The press is always telling us wonderful stories to make us dream. But they all had to battle, persevere and at times fail in order to bounce back, all of them without exception. Failure is a part of success. It is almost  an essential rite of passage for entrepreneurs on the road to success. It is a springboard to success,” explains Victoria. “For me, becoming an entrepreneur is like learning to ride a bike. You have to fall off once, twice, three times and spend a lot of time wobbling before you manage to find your balance.”

Today, two and a half years after the creation of i-lunch, through perseverance and tenacity the company is growing and the team is happier than ever. This fundraising campaign will finally give the company the means to achieve their ambitions.

Find the i-lunch meals online: