“Tech It Easy”: discover the new tech videos from the Incubators!

11 May 2021 By

Do you want to meet the current and future challenges of society by creating your own business? Here is a good idea! To do this, rely on new technologies! Kelly presents them to you in the new “Tech It Easy” videos from NEOMA BS Incubateurs.

Today, more than ever, there are many societal and environmental challenges. Do you want to create your own business to fight against global warming? Artificial intelligence will certainly be of great help to you in listing and analyzing data from all over the world in order to provide a relevant global response!

Home automation, connected objects, robotics, blockchain … In recent years, science fiction films have found a more than realistic echo in the advances of science. Several major technologies present numerous applications which you can seize now to become a real player in your company.

“By discovering these new technologies, our students appropriate them and integrate them from the start into their business creation project so that they are even more relevant and effective. These videos aim to provide them with simplified technological content so that they can project themselves. We don’t make them engineers, but rather visionaries! ” explains Denis Gallot, Director of the Startup Lab at NEOMA.

What technologies will you discover?

1. Artificial intelligence
2. The blockchain
3. Robotics
4. Image recognition
5. Home automation
6. Immersive technologies (virtual reality)
7. Drones
8. The digital twin
9. 3D printing
10. Embedded systems

The purpose of these videos is to introduce you to the technology in question in just a few minutes and to give you the first tips for use. For the rest, it’s up to you to find out more! Discover some additional articles on all of these topics on our Toolbox.

We would particularly like to thank the Métropole de Rouen Normandie, the partner of the Incubators for these videos.

Find all the videos published:

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VIDEO 2 – Blockchain

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VIDEO 4 – Image recognition

VIDEO 5 – Domotics

VIDEO 6 – Immersives technologies

VIDEO 7 – Drones

VIDEO 8 – Digital Twin

VIDEO 9 – 3d printing

VIDEO 10 – Embedded systems