Meeting herself, she creates her business

27 May 2021 By

With a frank gaze, laughing eyes, Camille Dubois-Leipp (PGE 14) looks back on her inner journey which led her to create Outtrip, a community platform for lovers of outdoor sport, now supported by the NEOMA Incubators.

If you ask her when it all started, Camille will certainly answer you in all simplicity that she walked for 40 days on the famous Camino de Santiago and that she came back transformed. She writes a book “LE CAMINO SEULE, ENFIN PRESQUE” to share her experience. Three months after this initiatory journey to meet herself, she leaves her entire Parisian life, her work, her family, her friends, to settle in Annecy, without work and without contacts there. However, she feels out of place there for the first time in a long time.

How did she get there? For some time, Camille had felt a deep disconnect between her current life and her deep aspirations. “Finally, I’ve always been in a constant search for meaning. I was never satisfied with what I had. I felt a lot of guilt about it! Why am I complaining? I was young, I was on a permanent contract with a responsible job, I took advantage of the dynamism of Parisian life with my relatives, I had everything to be happy! But I was never completely. “When Camille announces to those close to her that she is going to walk alone on the Camino de Santiago, she faces their incomprehension. “They said to me: but rather go party in Ibiza, like everyone else! The news of his departure from Paris a few months later received much the same reception. “I, who am a rather organized and thoughtful person, this time preferred to go for it without thinking too much. Now was the time, and if I let the rational part of myself take over, it was over! ”

Once in Annecy, Camille returns to the outdoor sports activities that she is particularly fond of. She then created the OUTTRIP project, a young innovative startup that wants to revolutionize the world of outdoor sport and make it much more inclusive and attractive. The digital platform connects outdoor sports practitioners to allow them to meet, share their itineraries and advice or even rent their equipment.

“Outtrip came to me as obvious, as if ultimately it was the project that had chosen me and not the other way around! Camille laughs. “I was really frustrated with my experiences in big groups because I couldn’t do what I wanted. Entrepreneurship gave me that much needed freedom of action. »Outtrip brings together a community of more or less experienced athletes, in search of new routes and new outdoor experiences, without judgments or censures. The project also has a strong environmental dimension with the desire to contribute to the preservation of green spaces through awareness actions.

Camille is teaming up with Alexandre Lesage, developer, to finalize V1 of his website. The two co-founders then join the NEOMA Incubators in order to surround themselves with a community of entrepreneurs and experts who support them in their development. “The Incubator helped me gain height on my ideas and identify my priorities,” explains Camille. “The interaction with the other incubates was also like a breath of fresh air for me. It is not always easy to carry a project alone or in pairs. Our loved ones do not always understand what we are doing and the personal investment that it takes. That’s why it’s really nice to talk to other students or graduates who are going through the same situation. We support each other, we challenge each other, we share our best practices. Between incubates and coaches, it’s really reassuring to feel surrounded by the right people! ”

Camille and Alexandre are now tackling a major challenge as they launch their first crowdfunding campaign in order to be able to develop a mobile application and launch a new range of sportswear. Please feel free to support them by visiting their page.