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17 September 2019 By

After almost two years’ support from the NEOMA BS Incubators, the BringMeBiz start-up has officially launched its recommendation sharing platform, Nessim Medjkoune (MIM 2013) was eager to tell us about the launch of his new platform.

How did the project come about?

With 6 years’ work experience at the Société Générale, I was in a position to see what sales methods were being used and which were the most effective. I also found that companies were spending astronomical amounts of money on advertising to push their development, without any guarantee on the results. It was therefore obvious to me that a new, more efficient approach had to be found. That’s why I created BringMeBiz, based onrecommendations, which are the most effective conversion means.

Can you explain what this means more precisely?
BringMeBiz is a platform that allows people to share their recommendations with their friends and relations, their ‘fellowers’, and to earn a commission when business is created as a result. By sharing our recommendations, we are helping those around us make the right choices, we are helping quality companies to develop, and earn money while doing so. Companies no longer pay for visibility, but quite simply and openly reward people who create new business for them. Basically, in one click anyone can become a business provider.

What are your future plans?
A communication campaign is the next logical step following the launch of the platform. The aim is therefore to develop awareness of the platform and to maximise the number of recommendations. I also plan a fundraising campaign for 2020 to help BringMeBiz develop both in France and abroad.

An adventure to keep an eye on ! Let’s meet on​ to get more information !