WE DO GOOD: a new partner for you to invest in our startups!

4 January 2019 By

Our startups have talent! In order to allow our young entrepreneurs to go even further in their development, we are delighted to announce this new partnership with WE DO GOOD, the first French platform of royalty crowdfunding.


WE DO GOOD activates a positive impact finance by developing royalties fundraising for entrepreneurs. This allows in particular:

  • entrepreneurs to mobilize investors without diluting their capital, and to repay amounts proportional to their turnover, unlike the fixed maturity of a loan,
  • investors to support projects that speak to them, to be interested in the success of these projects, and to benefit from a progressive financial return with no output to manage.

Excellent news for our project leaders and our community of investors!

“To be surrounded, to be trained and advised by the right people, to be challenged: all this is decisive for an entrepreneur who starts.” The survival rate of startups accompanied by incubators is proof of this. This is why at WE DO GOOD we want to work in partnership with a dense ecosystem of support structures: the more the ecosystem is rich and dynamic, the more companies we support and finance have opportunities to grow and develop in good conditions, and to support the companies of tomorrow is also to build the world of tomorrow! “

Susana Nunes, Head of Communication and Optimism at WE DO GOOD.

A NEOMA BS Incubators area will soon be set up on the WE DO GOOD platform, with all startups actively seeking funds. Stay connected so you do not miss this launch !