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8 December 2020 By

Are you a physiotherapist? Then you have certainly heard of the startup App’Ines! For all the others, this is a recruitment application for substitutes, assistants and physiotherapists in France and in the French overseas departments and territories. Are you sick or in need of time off, but can’t afford to abandon your patients? App’Ines connects you with the right profiles who can replace or assist you effectively. The result: ease of recruitment, time for you and more peace of mind! In short, what happiness!

And your happiness, Adrien Bourzat cares about it! Founder of the startup App’Ines, this 2012 graduate of the NEOMA Grande Ecole Program is happily moving against the grain. Coming from a family working in the paramedical field, Adrien refuses the clear path that destined him for the care professions and instead goes to business and marketing. After a DUT in marketing techniques followed by a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Communication in Scotland, Adrien joined NEOMA. Jack of all trades, Adrien has built a varied but disjointed career. Finance, cinema, fashion, press relations… Adrien wants to do everything, see everything, discover everything! An attitude that chills companies when he looks for his first job out of school, especially since the subprime crisis has already slowed the economy. After six months of research, Adrien was recruited by a bank on CDD. He proved himself and was offered a permanent contract, which he refused! He will subsequently decline other contracts and other development proposals in the companies he visits because job security has never been his goal. Above all, Adrien wants to discover, multiply the learning, go through the missions. You could call him a “Serial Learner”. Over the course of his experiences, he is certain of one thing: “segmented” work is not for him. For our multi-faceted graduate, the specialization of employees required in large companies does not allow him to fully exploit his potential.

In 2017, Adrien committed 100% to the creation of his company App’Ines. “During my internships and my jobs as an employee, I felt like I was lost. To work in a capitalist world which does not encourage small traders was against my values. The creation of a business in the paramedical field allowed me to hang up the wagons. “As an entrepreneur, Adrien is in the oven and in the mill and that suits him well! Even though he has a partner then, Adrien likes to figure it out and do everything on his own. By the diversity of his functions, the status of entrepreneur fits him like a glove. After deviating from the paramedical field, he finally returned to his first love with the App’Ines project. “My brother is a nurse. I remember I never had the opportunity to spend the end of the year holidays with him because the replacements were very complicated. He explained to me in detail the issues he was facing and I wanted to answer them, capitalizing on my knowledge in the digital field. With App’Ines, I balance what I can do, what I want to do and who I am. He found his Ikigaï *.

Adrien’s first instinct as an entrepreneur was to get closer to the NEOMA Incubators. “I knew that if we went ahead alone with my partner, the project would take longer to see the light of day. The NEOMA Incubators have allowed me to reframe myself by giving me clear goals to achieve. I also took full advantage of the network, whether it was the other incubated startups with which we often exchanged our views on our respective businesses, or the meetings with the expert partners of the Incubators on key topics in the creation of a business. “But the life of an entrepreneur is not a long easy one and his partner leaves the project quickly after a burnout. “It was very complicated for me to continue alone in front of my own demons. The support of my partner, friends and family has been essential and has kept me moving forward. “Today, Adrien is happy to have succeeded in creating a team that shares his values: humility, a sense of innovation and good humor! He found a partner, Montassar Gafsi, who takes care of all the financial, administrative and partnerships part of the startup.

Together they are currently passing through the fog of Covid-19. “The current health situation impacts us a lot. Physiologists have less activity and therefore less funds to invest in a solution like ours. “To alleviate the crisis, Adrien and Montassar are developing their B to B offer.” Beyond the healthcare establishments that use our solution, banks and insurance companies are also fond of suitable solutions to offer their liberal professional clients. health. “Hitherto specialized in the field of physiotherapy, App’Ines already has 10,000 users out of the 70,000 private physiotherapists, representing a 14% market share in just a year and a half. The startup plans to diversify into other paramedical professions: nurses, nursing aides, other rehabilitation professions, etc.

“Our next challenge will be to succeed in raising funds in the first quarter of 2021 in order to materialize all these developments. ”

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* Ikigai = Japanese philosophy of life which consists in finding a meaning in our life, a balance, a reason to get up in the morning and to be happy to welcome each day. Literally, “iki” means “life” and “gai” means “who is worthwhile”. It’s a life where you feel “completely aligned with yourself in all areas,” where you say to yourself, “I am where I need to be.” (Source: