Discover Ergonimmo, your best friend for investing in real estate!

11 March 2020 By

Looking to buy a property? You are therefore taking steps that are sometimes akin to the obstacle course! “Should I buy my main residence? Can I invest in rental property? For what budget? In which cities? With what contribution? For what duration of loan? And what profitability? So many technical questions to which it is often difficult to find simple answers.

That’s when Ergonimmo comes on the scene!

Ergonimmo is above all a real estate investment strategy simulator. After answering an online questionnaire, you receive a 100% personalized strategy, which suggests the real estate project most suited to your situation.

Thereafter, the Ergonimmo team supports you in each step of your real estate investment project. No more hours of research to find the best real estate rate, the best craftsman, the best apartment hunter or the best insurance! Ergonimmo has passed all the actors on the scanner to select only the cream of the crop! What reassure you in your approach!

“Three years ago, I wanted to make my first rental investment in Poitiers,” explains Jonathan Bonnet (2017 PGE graduate), the founder of Ergonimmo. “But I didn’t know my investment possibilities or the professionals I could turn to. I have not found a suitable tool to easily understand my investment options. So I had the idea to develop this platform in order to help all those who, like me, are looking for clear and precise information when they embark on a project so decisive for their future. ”

Jonathan does not start from scratch. He draws on his personal and professional experiences: “I worked for a real estate company, a wealth management firm, an audit firm and an accounting firm. I also personally invested in real estate as soon as I got my first permanent contract. During the summer of 2019, this lover of Real Estech decides to resign from his permanent job in order to devote himself 100% to the realization of his entrepreneurial project. He then joined the NEOMA Incubator in Rouen to surround himself with professionals who effectively support him in the realization of his concept. “When you become an entrepreneur, it is very important not to be alone. Within the Incubator, I benefit from the advice of experienced coaches which allow me to go even further in my choices and my approaches. I also have access to a network of experts and partners essential to the different phases of Ergonimmo development: launch, recruitment, development of partnerships, fundraising, etc. ”

Jonathan is delighted with his new status as CEO: “It is very exciting to see the culmination of several months of hard work! I look forward to developing my network of partners and offering ever more efficient services to my clients! Each day is a new challenge that I look forward to taking up! ”

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