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Portfolio of accelerated startups:


Alternoo is a short supply chain  creating the link between producers and consumers in Normandy and the Paris region, making healthy quality food accessible and developing a truly sustainable agriculture for tomorrow.


Lyptech presents its KMV concept (Green Motorization Kit ), a solution to the problems of automobile pollution which requires no new infrastructure.
KMV is a revolutionary hybrid engine system that makes every vehicle clean, quiet and energy-efficient.

Natural Idées

How can digital technology be made accessible to the greatest number? How can eco-responsible architecture be designed?
The response of the Natural Idées team is to design street furniture or a place of mediation (the naturalbox range) optimized by renewable energies and respectful of biodiversity. But that’s not all. These designs must be capable of providing proximity services. The natural solution is to connect these designs to a platform: naturalconnect.


Popsleigh is a carpooling app for public events (concerts, football matches, exhibitions, festivals, etc.) and private events (birthdays, weddings, etc.).
Thanks to the search engine built into the app, a member can easily find or propose a carpool for a listed event.
For events that are not listed, all the members of the community can list them on the app… for free of course!
The app is already available for free download on Google Play Store and Apple Store!


Potimarron delivers your fresh fruit and vegetables directly to you (Normandy and France) without ever losing their primary values: quality, proximity and freshness!
Potimarron carefully selects its producers and supports organic farming as well as quality initiatives (animal feed, sustainable agriculture, work on varieties). The watchword: producers concerned about the quality of their work and respect for their environment (cultural practices, animal welfare, etc.).

Zéphyr & Borée

By combining state-of-the-art technologies to design a modern sailing ship, both efficient and environmentally friendly, Zephyr & Borée is fully committed to the great challenge of the energy transition that is needed at the beginning of this century.