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Portfolio of accelerated startups:

1 km à pied

1 km à pied is the first HR (Human Resources) platform for managing the Home – Work journeys of employees / agents. This service allows clients to visualize their risks and possibilities, to achieve compliance and to achieve several CSR objectives


Alternoo is a short supply chain  creating the link between producers and consumers in Normandy and the Paris region, making healthy quality food accessible and developing a truly sustainable agriculture for tomorrow.


Open-source process to reliably measure and reduce air pollution from combustion engines.


We are developing BCM, the SaaS Cloud Manufacturing solution that enables the production of spare parts and series immediately and as closely as possible.


CS-Lane is a travel platform for senior single people. It is a personalized support solution for elderly people in common rail transport thanks to the connection of seniors with students.


Dopi measures movements in spaces to improve the relationship of companies with their workspace


Easyshipping is an intermediation platform between freight transport companies and professional and private shippers.


Eiver, the app that rewards drivers. Save on your car budget, reduce the CO2 emitted and participate in eco-driving challenges.


Elocycle is an electric bike rental service for professionals. It promotes journeys from home to work in electrical assistance. This alternative allows you to move effortlessly and independently, thus contributing to active and sustainable mobility.


First tactile and vocal plan allowing visually impaired or blind people to understand their environment and move around independently.


Icaros is a monthly subscription for your future car. Our offers are all inclusive: support, maintenance, revisions, tires… Icaros is a new way to get your car!


KwikWink offers a single delivery method for all those who want to be delivered in their absence with ease, compliance and security. KwikWink wants to guarantee the quality of service for last mile players while reducing their transport costs and carbon footprint.


Lyptech presents its KMV concept (Green Motorization Kit ), a solution to the problems of automobile pollution which requires no new infrastructure.
KMV is a revolutionary hybrid engine system that makes every vehicle clean, quiet and energy-efficient.


Maplab is reinventing home-work journeys to reduce the carbon footprint and improve the quality of life of your employees.


MBDD Solutions is an innovative company that researches, develops, experiments and produces precision geolocation and mapping enrichment solutions. Today, MBDD is involved in train location projects for the Research and Innovation department of SNCF and in the production of real-time centimetric geolocation systems.


Micromobile sells safe deposit boxes with recharging for micro-electric vehicles & EAVs in companies and local authorities


Mobeelity is a mobile application that allows you to streamline your employees’ journeys. It gives them access to the sustainable transport offer around them, and rewards them for their responsible behavior.

Natural Idées

How can digital technology be made accessible to the greatest number? How can eco-responsible architecture be designed?
The response of the Natural Idées team is to design street furniture or a place of mediation (the naturalbox range) optimized by renewable energies and respectful of biodiversity. But that’s not all. These designs must be capable of providing proximity services. The natural solution is to connect these designs to a platform: naturalconnect.


With PICNIC, reinvent the local experience. Kiosks and pop-up stores: mobile, modular and autonomous in renewable energy. Designed and manufactured in France, dedicated to trade, services and animations.


Popsleigh is a carpooling app for public events (concerts, football matches, exhibitions, festivals, etc.) and private events (birthdays, weddings, etc.).
Thanks to the search engine built into the app, a member can easily find or propose a carpool for a listed event.
For events that are not listed, all the members of the community can list them on the app… for free of course!
The app is already available for free download on Google Play Store and Apple Store!


Potimarron delivers your fresh fruit and vegetables directly to you (Normandy and France) without ever losing their primary values: quality, proximity and freshness!
Potimarron carefully selects its producers and supports organic farming as well as quality initiatives (animal feed, sustainable agriculture, work on varieties). The watchword: producers concerned about the quality of their work and respect for their environment (cultural practices, animal welfare, etc.).


SGA-Mobility designs and manufactures charging stations for electric vehicles. It concentrates all research, development, hardware and software design and patents internally. All strategic production is carried out in-house to guarantee an excellent level of quality for our products.


We have built the first mobility hub that connects all transport operators on a single platform. As a white label technology provider, we distribute our product through a unique and robust API that allows you to sell your own transportation solutions online.


TaxyMatch is the shared service specializing in airport transfers, which allows passengers to reduce the price of their journey and CO2 emissions.


Transiteo the number 1 calculation engine for customs duties and taxes. Transiteo decodes and simplifies international e-commerce with its engine for calculating customs duties and taxes, its software, applications and CMS modules …

Un toit vers l’emploi

Un toit vers l’emploi supports economic integration and housing in France, by offering a roof and job-search support for all homeless people.

VIA / Tesla4U

T4u for Tesla lets you travel with confidence thanks to algorithms developed by its R&D team and validated over thousands of kilometers by thousands of Tesla drivers around the world. T4u algorithms provide you with accurate indicators based on metrics provided by MyTesla, your current driving style and other weather or topological parameters.


VUAC offers utility vehicles with driver, in Paris, to and from “Ile-de-France”, for all distances, for much cheaper. Truck rental with driver on demand, according to your needs and your budget.


WalkUnited develops digital solutions to monetize walking in different areas of application to generate donations for humanitarian and environmental associations.


Watty saves the battery of the electric car. Its mobile application minimizes battery wear and resells the car at a fair price.


Startup pioneering green mobility in France. After 600,000KM traveled in 100% electric vehicles in the transport of people since 2016, YOUNGO has been offering since 2021 to transport your goods over the last kilometer with a 100% carbon-free offer via a simple digital platform accessible to all.

Zéphyr & Borée

By combining state-of-the-art technologies to design a modern sailing ship, both efficient and environmentally friendly, Zephyr & Borée is fully committed to the great challenge of the energy transition that is needed at the beginning of this century.