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Startups currently in Incubators

BmB is the creation of a platform of business introducers consisting of individuals and professionals, which allows advertisers to find takers and anyone to improvise as a provider of business and earn commissions.

A good movie to watch

A Good Movie to Watch suggests to the user who does not know what to watch, a great movie they haven’t yet seen, that they can immediately watch and love. In so doing, it fulfills its second goal of reintroducing amazing but overlooked movies, helping to move the film industry away from mass-marketing. We believe that movies should be judged on how good they are, not on their marketing budgets.

A la tête du client

“A la tête du client” is a restaurant on wheels for stomachs on legs, in other words a food truck, and more precisely a bistro-truck!

In our traveling restaurant, we cut French fries with a knife, simmer our sauces, and cook French meat and Norwegian salmon “homemade” in a truck.

After Flight

After Flight is an application designed to connect the passengers of a given plane in order to share transportation after leaving the airport for their final destination.

The idea came to us after a chance discussion with a neighboring passenger on a plane who was going to the same station. If luck sometimes gets things right, After Flight gets them right all the time.

Thanks to its algorithm, the application can match the co-passengers of a plane tick on the basis of 3 very simple criteria: 

  • The post-airport destination
  • The number of companions
  • The quantity and type of luggage

Passengers with the same destination are connected and can then divide the taxi fare by a minimum of 2, share an Uber, or carpool. Real savings, a big step forward for ecology, and maybe new friends!


APE is a mobile application that allows you to chat with your friends, but not only. It also provides opportunities to exchange and meet other people all around the world. It is not a new dating app, but an additional tool for connecting with others.


App’Ines supports liberal health professionals throughout their careers by facilitating their inclusion on the job market and the management of the entire replacement, cooperation and association process in France and in the French overseas territories.


Azalearth encourages recycling and reducing waste emissions by allowing users to redeem their plastic for vouchers at partners, enabling them to attract new customers.

Beauty Shake

BeautyShake is THE reference site for learning how to create your home cosmetics, for beginners or for enthusiasts. Simple, effective and personalized recipes, you buy the ingredients and containers to make its products, kit or unit. We also offer BToC and BToB workshops.


Nowadays, the video game industry in France is generating more than 4.3 billion euros of revenue, yet only a few professional players are actually rewarded of this booming market. BetOnYou is the ideal solution offered to all the other gamers to make profitable their time spent playing through an innovative experience which combines video games, betting and e-commerce. BetOnYou is a Messenger chatbot that provides video game fans the opportunity to bet for free on their own online games, against friends or other members of the community. The great performances enable players to accumulate points, which they can convert into high-tech products or pre-paid cards on our online shop.


BUILDIZ is designed to help construction professionals promote their work and their skills on the Internet. We want to provide them with an opportunity to present their company and share their finest achievements in a simple and intuitive way. All of the buildings shared by these professionals will give as many ideas as choices to people with a construction project.

Calyce Cider Bar

Calyce Cider Bar is the first monthly subscription box dedicated to cider. Our mission? Shake up the codes of consumption of cider and give back its nobility to this forgotten alcohol. Every month, discover a selection of 4 French and international ciders of prestige. Each cider is accompanied by its tasting sheet. Recipes of cocktails, food and cider pairings, production process, cider will have no secrets for you!
Ready to eat? Go to !


Cassette reinvents online music marketing. We increase the advertising revenues of specialized press sites and monetize their traffic by promoting artists to their audience in an automated way.


Today, parents who want to prepare for the future of their children save what they do not spend. However, we still see it too often: it’s complicated, we must have the means or the time.

The objective of chympy is to move the lines, proposing an innovative savings solution, both independent of parents’ income level, easy to understand and easy to implement, driven by local consumption daily and financially. more attractive.

Compagnie du Miel

Producers of exotic honeys in Madagascar. Honey Company works as a cooperative to train farmers in beekeeping in partnership with NGOs. It targets the high-end market and soon the BIO market.

Constructech Club

ConstrucTech Club, is the first platform of matchmaking dedicated to the actors of the construction. Our role is to ensure that the supply and demand actors of innovation meet through thematic workshops and immersion to create a climate of trust conducive to building relationships and contributing to the transformation of the sector.


Every year, there are 3 million removals in France. A household spends an average of more than 3,000 euros on gas, electricity, home insurance and internet subscriptions for their home. New market entrants offer much more attractive rates, but because of tedious formalities, few people change suppliers.

DOMOS KIT offers a turnkey, free solution that allows users to benefit from the best rates on the market while avoiding the formalities.


Ecoframe gives a second wind to old (last trip) shipping containers by transforming them into single housing units and making them available to people with limited means. 

It is also the name of an association of two young people: An industrial engineer, working on project design who can solve technical issues, and a final-year business school student who can analyze and understand a market in order to identify new opportunities.


Fun tools for companies, to become aware of sexist behavior patterns in the workplace and take action.

Feel Français

Feel Français supports schools in helping foreign and French students settle in a new city in France. Thanks to a 100% online and user-friendly platform, students validate each administrative service in 3 clicks maximum! We offer 12 services in total (housing, VISA, CAF, bank ..) and trilingual support.


FlyCup is an innovative and eco-friendly packaging concept for fast-food and take-out brands.

Good Father

Good Father offers its customers the opportunity to create turnkey real estate fabrications with high profitability. Propose a service of selection of the good until the setting in hiring / management, while passing by the interior organization and the works of the good.


GoTourism is a revolutionary touristic and cultural tourism booking platform!

Visitors using GoTourism benefit from attractive (group) rates whether they are alone or in small groups. The added extra? Sometimes “special group” activities are offered, and now singles or small groups can also benefit from them and at the same reduced rate!


HOLIBAG re-invents Luggage Lockers with shopkeepers wherever you are! You can entrust your luggage for a few hours or a day to a shopkeeper. That way you can fully enjoy your visit to the target location! Each partner takes care of your luggage, and guarantees a quality, professional service. We provide package deals to meet all your needs while remaining the cheapest on the market. We want you to enjoy your time without your luggage and without ruining yourselves

Hubert Sait Faire

BtoC e-commerce site dedicated to the sale of products of French manufacturers in difficulty (safeguarding, judicial reorganization or ongoing continuation plan) in order to mediate and participate in avoiding the loss of know-how, jobs and risks local economic potential of a factory / workshop closure.


JOSÉ is a traveling fashion brand, unearthing trends across the planet.
The first collection was developed in La Paz in Bolivia, 10,000 km from Paris with a collection of sweaters 100% alpaca wool, handmade by local artisans.


The aim of Karols is to enable women to access affordable, customizable and professional beauty before each event, in a fun atmosphere in extraordinary salons. Karols conveys a real glamorous image, like a Victoria’s Secret of beauty.


Kietoparao kits offer Educational kits to carry on and beat screens. 20 games 7 ounces. Kietoparao replicate the characteristics of a smartphone: light, lots of entertainment & always in your bag or your pocket. Kietoparao’s kits are made up of educational games to develop kids’ STEAM abilities: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. Kits include options to play alone or with friends or adults. Currently we offer 3 models: Original, Medium and Mini

La box des petites cocottes

Our vocation? Making products from small outlets accessible to the curious and fine food fans.

Each box with regional theme introduces you to the culinary heritage of a region of France. Each month you learn about a region of France, its culture, its traditions and especially its finest gastronomic specialties … and not necessarily the best known! Consisting of 4 to 6 groceries, the box provides a menu for two people, from starter to dessert, without forgetting the appetizer and the main course!

In addition, all the products are cooked by local producers and artisan chefs from the selected region.

The packaging in the form of jars guarantees their long conservation, to be tasted at the right moment. The boxes can be delivered to your home or collection point.

Le Dépargneur

The Saver is a messenger chatbot with the ambition to become your privileged companion in the management of your personal finances. This chatbot will detect each of your payments and offer to round up your purchases to the higher euro (see more). The idea is therefore first to encourage the creation of precautionary savings and then second to propose solutions, adapted to the desired risk profile, to make work money put aside. After impulse buying why not develop impulse savings?

Les Déchaînés

Les Déchaînés allows anyone to play tennis near their home in less than a minute. The user chooses the experience that corresponds to their level and we provide a tennis court close by, with the equipment if necessary and even a member of our team to play with them and/or umpire the game.

Les Gourmandises de Célinou

The delicacies of Célinou, an educational brand on child nutrition, starting with the moment of taste, with the creation of the Happy Box, a monthly delivery service of gourmet and healthy organic biscuits, handcrafted. Reconcile greed and well-being.

Livres Particuliers

Livres Particuliers is a publishing house which serves as an incubator for authors. Its goal is to provide help from A to Z for authors wishing to be published. To do so, various proposals are provided for the authors as they progress.


LunchSchool is a meal delivery platform for students.

The operation of the platform is summarized as follows:

  • Choice of meal on the website or the application
  • Choice of delivery schedule
  • Preparation of dishes by the caterers as soon as the orders are confirmed
  • Delivery in front of the school by the caterers at the time chosen by the student

Ma Diabox

My Diabox is a monthly box for diabetics. Each month the box delivers 5 products in order to improve the daily lives of recipients, as well as an advice booklet each month to learn about new recipes and tips provided by professionals. A mobile application will also be available so that all subscribers can communicate with each other and thus form a genuine community.


Avec Mazonia, en route vers la mode utile! Mazonia est une marque solidaire de sacs 100% faits main par un peuple amérindien de Colombie, les Wayuus. Leur savoir-faire ancestral et unique au monde est transmis de génération en génération. 

Cette startup participe à l’amélioration de la vie des Wayuus et à la conservation de leur précieux artisanat. Pour chaque sac acheté, Mazonia soutient des actions humanitaires visant les mêmes communautés tisserandes fabricant les sacs. Des projets à court, moyen et long termes sont mis en place via des partenariats avec des fondations sur place comme : l’accès à l’eau potable, l’aide alimentaire et la formation.

Nénés paris

Nénés Paris is a brand of eco-responsible women’s underwear.

Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world. From this observation was born Nénés Paris.
Their philosophy is to offer the public responsible, delicate and fair price lingerie.
Nénés Paris takes the challenge of modernizing the eco-responsible with frequently updated capsule collections, warm colors, varied materials and pretty prints.
Their wish is to be totally transparent and closer to our customers.

New Decorum

New Decorum is a premium marketplace offering decorative objects, specialized in diverted objects, classified by passion to combine your decoration with your leisure.


Nolença invents the new perfume. The one that is beautiful and complex, but at the right price and accessible. The one that is eco-designed and sought to be respectful of the environment. That which raises you to the olfactory, it is however too forgotten.


Philibert (re) reconciles the well-being of our canine companions with the design desires of their masters by offering elegant and comfortable dog beds, entirely made in France and eco-designed.

Philibert beds are made with noble materials, natural and environmentally friendly, such as linen, wood from sustainably managed forests or organic cotton. The manufacture of products and almost all raw materials is carried out in France thanks to 7 different partners.

The first collection of bedding will be completed by a range of dog accessories faithful to the DNA of the brand: elegant and functional accessories, manufactured locally and environmentally friendly.


Praestoo is a new generation contacts directory: a mobile application to keep all its providers at your fingertips and access the profiles recommended by your loved ones when you need them. A door blocked in return of evening? With Praestoo, you access the locksmiths recommended by your loved ones, without having to wake them up. No more scams! And to you the troubleshooting with confidence!
Through networked contact management, Praestoo aims to restore the trust of users and combat the precariousness of jobs in the home. A solidarity approach to support employment and make everyday life easier with confidence.


Printeerz is a unique and responsible live event printing solution for events, an innovative concept to personalize your t-shirts, sweatshirts, bags … live on all your corporate events!


Reedsy produces bestseller books. We know that quality is the key feature of any great book. That’s why we’ve built a market of professional writers, designers, and marketing specialists who can help authors and publishers through every step of the publishing process. However, we do not allow a simple former string correspondent to be on our list. So far, only the top 3% of applications have been accepted, ensuring that our professionals are a community of the best that the industry has to offer.

Sauce Moutard

Sauce Moutard offers businesses and freelancers to work in the most beautiful restaurants and coffee shops of France during the day while enjoying a good wifi, good products and a unique setting for € 9.90 / month.


Scratchme is a new, innovative, modern and highly innovative communication approach.

We allow companies to do street marketing in the busiest stations and places of the capital, at affordable prices.
How it works: we just scratch an advertisement on the back of a designer backpack. During the duration of a campaign that can last from one to fifteen days or more depending on you.

In addition, our concept is eco-responsible, our Scratchers use only their legs and energy during campaigns. So this is an argument that you can relay during the campaign.

The benefits for the company:

  • An innovative communication approach
  • Promote your brand in the most frequented places and in places determined in common
  • A definite impact to increase your reputation in the short term
  • A capacity to increase your sales

More exactly, it’s the Sandwich Man 2.0.

Seconde Peau

First designer boutique dedicated to lingerie and swimsuits.


SERJEE is the first application to support all wine consumers during their purchases according to their personal tastes. Via the development of a tasting profile we facilitate the user’s purchases and provide them with personalized advice.


Allow African nationals to pay directly to suppliers, services (tuition fees, health expenses, rents, electricity bills, etc.) for which they are regularly solicited by their families who have remained on the continent.

Sold Out

Site of good plans where are presented Fabrications that will soon come out with a high probability of being sold out in 1 minute (eg concert Rolling stones, Supreme collaborations, limited edition vinyls).
In free, the net surfers will be able to view what will buzz and put a reminder to queue in the right place at the right time. By paying € 5, the site does everything to get the famous sesame using powerful autofill bots.


Want to know everything about African fashion or foreign brands with high potential? Discover Sqova! Beyond the news you will find, you will also have the opportunity to buy online high-end ready-to-wear items produced by African or foreign designers. Sqova is reinventing e-commerce codes in Africa using today’s innovative technology trends, in order to remove all the limits of e-commerce in Africa.


Tarra is an adventure travel agency that takes users to unspoiled and uncharted territories.

The interest of adventure locations lies mainly in the unspoiled wildness of their surroundings. These locations rarely appear on maps or in guides, are often found in remote and inaccessible places, and require knowledge of the terrain and special logistics. We take you to those places for a genuine adventure in immersive, authentic journeys as if outside time.

The Wall 51

The Wall 51 is a gallery dedicated to contemporary and urban art, which brings together emerging or recognized artists using different techniques such as acrylic, collage or stencil.

The gallery offers acquisitions and events designed specifically for professionals (companies and professionals) to transform their offices into aesthetic and friendly places in line with their activity and culture.

The Wall 51 organizes each year, in partnership with the association DAM!, The City of Paris and the 19th arrondissement, a festival of street art: the FestiWall. The public is invited to discover, during two days, the live creations of twenty or so French and international street art artists along the Ourcq canal and the Saint Denis canal.


Plateforme pour trouver et réserver tous ses billets d’avion. La valeur ajoutée d’Ulysse se résume en trois mots :

  • – Simplicité, car vous pouvez acheter votre billet en moins d’une minute
  • – Fiabilité, car nos prix sont sans frais cachés
  • – Réactivité, car la satisfaction client fait partie de notre culture


VEATA offers pastries with very low carbohydrates, suitable for people with diabetes.


Startup founded in 2017, Verjari ® is a French sports brand specializing in innovative textile technologies. Their mission is to improve the comfort and performance of outdoor sports practitioners.


Vioogo is a project that aims to meet the needs of companies and users of VTC. Vioogo is therefore the first mobile entertainment platform for VTC passengers in Europe. Our tablets are equipped with innovative software, able to broadcast games, videos, advertising or personalized content, anywhere in France and regardless of the quality of the GSM network.