A Word from the Director

NEOMA Business School has proven its expertise in entrepreneurship. Through the Startup Lab, NEOMA BS encourages its community to present innovative answers to current and future issues. To do so, the School provides quality support with its three Incubators based in Reims, Paris and Rouen, to help budding entrepreneurs create their business up to their first fund-raising event. To complete the process and provide a genuine 360​​° entrepreneurial experience, NEOMA BS provides a complete range of expertise in MOBILITY in a new accelerator based in Rouen.

« The NEOMA Mobility Accelerator relies on the acknowledged expertise of NEOMA BS in Logistics, Supply Chain Management and Transport: the MOBIS Research Institute, recognized at the international level, with degree programs ranging from a 3-year equivalent Bachelor’s degree course to a 6-year equivalent MS-MSc degree course, the “Supply Chain Management” major of the Grande Ecole Program, a team of faculty members on the leading-edge in these issues…

Based in Rouen, this specialized accelerator benefits from its location in a region with a long-standing past in industry and logistics, with the port of Rouen, the leading grain port in Europe, and the Seine Valley, of national interest since 2013 with the expansion of the port network and strong support from market players. Thanks to NEOMA BS’s links with specialized sectors, this accelerator provides startups a unique testing ground for their products or services: local authorities, transport and logistics companies, ports, onshore infrastructures, a regional ecosystem with the Novalog and Mov’eo competitive clusters, as well as the Seine Normandy Logistics sector of excellence…

The aim of this new structure is to support innovative projects designed to promote greater fluidity in the exchange of people, goods and information. Innovation is the key to this program, in a global and multidisciplinary approach to deal with the problem of mobility as a whole, whether at the level of infrastructure (ports, onshore), superstructures (automation of gantries, autonomous handling cranes, robotization, etc.), mobiles (convoys of connected trucks, autonomous vehicles) or services (new business models, 3D printer, blockchain, AI, etc.).

We are happy to continue to support startups in their ventures. Whether you are an entrepreneur or you want to invest with these enthusiastic start-uppers, I invite you to “Catch the wave” with the NEOMA Mobility Accelerator!” »

Denis Gallot,
Director of the NEOMA Business School Startup Lab

The Team

Denis Gallot
Director of the NEOMA Business School Startup Lab

Dr. Jérôme Verny
Professor, Founder and Director of the Mobis Research Institute

Gwendal Rozier
Head of NEOMA Mobility Accelerator