They came out

Les startups sorties de l’incubateur !


Alavance is a company which provides touch-screen terminals at busy places to optimize customer queuing time in restaurants.

The terminals, equipped with the ALAVANCE software, created in conjunction with catering professionals, allow users to book a table and a menu in the restaurant of their choice.

Thanks to this software, users (visitors, tourists, shoppers, etc.) can optimize their time by ordering and paying for their dish via the terminals.

Designed for the general public, ALAVANCE terminals target high-traffic venues such as Shopping Centers, Amusement Parks or City Centers.

Allergomarket is an intuitive platform, meeting the needs of people suffering from allergies or intolerance in France. A simple, fast and effective solution to make your daily life easier!


BeSMART-edu is the first online science preparatory class. Based on a platform for preparation for major competitions and higher degrees, BeSMART-edu digitizes the scientific preparatory classes service. How? On the one hand, using artificial intelligence to better define the profile of students and guide them to a path adapted to their personality and abilities. On the other hand, by giving young people outside the big cities access to quality preparation. The goal? Give them the same chances of success in competitions as their peers!

Dream Act

Dream Act is a platform that helps citizens consume responsibly every day. Equipped with a city-guide geolocating local eco-responsible sales outlets and a marketplace referencing good ethical and ecological products manufactured by social entrepreneurs, the purpose of the Dream Act platform is to democratize consumption more respectful of human beings and the environment for the general public.


eMateSPOTTED is a start-up specializing in the online video game sector of the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) type. Our goal is to improve the gaming experience of users through the implementation of a specialized social network on which players can find compatible gaming partners according to certain criteria.

Etudions à l’étranger

Your source of information for studying abroad. Étudions à l’Etranger offers hundreds of free tips for more than 20 destinations. Whether you are looking for a university, a training course, an internship, English courses or more, you will find the information you need for your project!

Expertaly (Experts on Demand)

“Uberize the consulting market” 

Our aim is to enable companies of all sizes to work directly with the best experts.

Thanks to the platform, companies have free access to a global network of experts selected by our teams. By using Expertaly, companies can work in a flexible, seamless and instant manner with experts who meet their specific needs.


« Learn Real French with Real People »

What if learning to speak French, online, in two months was possible? Frello makes conversation with native speakers central to its teaching method and makes learning a foreign language an authentic, lively and enriching experience.

Galatée Couture

Galatée is a brand of tailor-made wedding dresses with unique styles. We select the finest materials and make all the garments in our workshop in Paris. We use all our know-how to serve our customers, and make them the dress of their dreams.

Glagla Relais

GLAGLA RELAIS is a network of Relais Frais available to e-merchants to offer their customers a real alternative to home delivery. Our national network is made up of local merchants who keep packages cool while waiting for customers to arrive. You are an e-merchant? Deliver your parcels when you want in Relais Frais and thus reduce your time and your delivery costs. And for local merchants? Create traffic in your shop and increase your income. And for the customer? Reduce your expenses and free yourself from the time constraints of home delivery. Pick up your fresh package at the bottom of your house whenever you want!

See you soon !


Eat healthily, even in the office!

The startup provides a delivery platform for balanced meals, connected to health data. Prepared by a chef, the meals are all approved by a nutritionist, who associates a nutritional intake with each recipe in order to create an ideal week’s diet.

Instants Tours

Instants Tours is a travel agency that offers stays and excursions in the Champagne-Ardenne region: visits to wine cellars, vineyards, golf courses, spas, wellness centers… Come and enjoy the expertise of a travel agency that’s 100% Champagne!


ISAE is a brand of ready-to-wear clothes, designed and created for women, which aims to instill a bold vision of fashion by offering quality garments with character, at a reasonable price, made exclusively in France. Its world is resolutely glamorous and rock’n’roll in a Parisian setting and its emblematic figure is none other than that of the Parisian woman. ISAE allows its members to learn about the dressing secrets of Parisian women.

Krama Krama

Krama Krama provides lovely cotton scarves handcrafted in Cambodia. Each scarf is made by Cambodian weavers trained by an NGO in Siem Reap, a few hundred meters from the majestic temples of Angkor. In addition to fair wages for the weavers, we donate 5 euros per scarf purchased from our webshop to the Sala Baï school, which trains young disadvantaged Cambodians in hotel and catering trades.


L’Etiquette is an online platform that allows ethical fashion brands to:
– get started thanks to our crowdfunding support and our partnership with Ulule
– to be known on our media
– sell their products on our marketplace

La Boulengerie

“One must either be a work of art or wear a work of art” – Oscar Wilde

It is in these words that a century and a half ago Wilde praised the beautiful and the unseemly.

La Boulengerie continues the idea today by proposing limited series of textile lithographs. In association with graphic artists from all walks of life, we develop exclusive ready-to-wear lines of clothing in which each garment is numbered and hand-signed to provide you with a unique product.

Each garment is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity guaranteeing the originality of the work.

La Minut’Rit

La Minut’Rit is the original, connected corporate concierge franchise. We are here to make your daily life easier. How it works

Your company or works council takes out one of our tailor-made subscriptions, starting at a few hundred euros per month, enabling access to a number of on-call services and deliveries per week.

You place an order on the Website or smartphone application, or directly to the on-call service (especially if you have to leave objects necessary for the service, such as dry-cleaning, shoe repairs, alterations, ironing, administrative documents, etc.),

We then buy your bread, or local farm products, or go to the shoemakers or dry cleaners for you. Then we deliver everything directly to your company, which has set up the concierge service in certain time slots.

We do not just buy and deliver, we also find providers to look after your children, do your gardening, clean your car, arrange transportation for repairs, oil changes, etc.

Le Blog de Nestor

Le Blog de Nestor helps you discover all the cultural wealth of Montreuil. Artists, outings, unusual places … set off for a journey to the center of the city!

Le Mégot Citoyen

The goal of Mégot Citoyen is to solve a current environmental problem. Each year, 350 tons of cigarette butts are thrown onto the streets of Paris, despite the provision of public ashtrays. Each of the butts can take up to fifteen years to biodegrade in the environment, which is a genuine scourge.

The concept of Mégot Citoyen is to make polluting butts smart. It provides playful ashtrays to encourage smokers to adopt the right reflexes. With these new ashtrays, smokers can easily give their opinion on various issues, chosen by public services or corporate clients. In so doing, a cigarette butt becomes a means of voting.

Le Sept Cinq

Opened in November 2012, the SEPT CINQ is a concept store entirely dedicated to creations made in Paris. Everything for sale has been designed or made in Paris. The offer consists of fashion accessories (jewelry, leather goods, shoes, scarves), lifestyle objects (books, candles, stationery) from 30 different designers and a cozy, warm and welcoming tea room.

LMI Distribution

LMI’s core business is the distribution and installation of access and safety products for work at height (stairs, anchors, railings, crinoline ladders, walkways, lifelines, other products for building and industry). Today located in Mesnil-Esnard near Rouen (76, Seine-Maritime), the company brings together manufacturers who have entrusted us with the distribution of their products.

With 15 years of experience in the sector, our company and our clients, expert installers, are at your disposal to study with you your safety needs, and to provide standard or customized solutions.


LOKIZ is a web and mobile application for simplified connection between landlords and tenants, designed as a dating site.

Marché Privé

Each day Marché Privé publishes information about private sales and tips for all the major cities in France.


MELTOD GROUP is a firm of International Strategy Consultants founded in 2012. Our goal is to allow business leaders to deploy their vision in a creative, efficient and innovative fashion.

My Welcome Box

The My Welcome box breaks back-to-school codes by offering a “must have” for the beginning of the academic year with a whole set of deals, goodies and products. My Welcome Box is a brand of the Students Tool Box company specializing in consulting and support services for companies on the student market.

Nachos Mexican

Nachos Mexican Grill is an innovative fast food concept offering a wide range of fajitas, tacos and salads made to order in front of the customers. A pilot restaurant opened in June 2013 in the Docks 76 shopping mall in Rouen, and a second in the city center, in the most commercial street of Rouen. The objective stated from the start is to make Nachos a national franchise network. 


Newstalk is a young Parisian brand of clothing and accessories for men created in May 2013 by two friends who had just finished their studies in Rouen. Fans of fine materials and expeditions around the world, Gaspard and Colin create Newstalk products for a specific purpose: to make you travel.


Nomen’k is a start-up in the agri-food industry that develops and markets healthy, nutritious French-made “super-snacks” in order to offer consumers a healthy break with high nutritional value.


ODW is an independent digital agency based in Paris. We help companies define and deploy an effective digital strategy. Our ambition: to create value for brands and their users. More than 50 clients have already trusted the agency including many key accounts.

Off Course

The idea is to connect consumers who want to be delivered at home, quickly and inexpensively, with individuals who can earn some easy money, the only prerequisite being to consult our platform, or simply to be listening in the right place and at the right time.

Off Course is a community application for smartphones that, depending on the location of the “deliverer”, sends them notifications corresponding to the delivery request of the “delivered” person, who lives close to the deliverer or lives on their way.

OSCAR Bijoux

Kelly Elbaz and Agathe Marin, two childhood friends from Paris created the OSCAR Bijoux brand 3 years ago. Immersed in the elegance of the French capital, they offer a range of chic and timeless jewelry with crystal pearls as a guideline. Inspired by hippie chic, OSCAR Bijoux creations are delicate and original.

Paris Colocations

Paris Colocations is the first real estate agency specialized in joint tenancy. Thanks to a web platform, the agency allows visitors to quickly find a joint tenant, while benefitting from a range of associated services: removals, administrative files, Internet connection, telephone, insurance, and other essential services for a successful move.


QuiToque offers delicious weekly baskets delivered directly to your home or workplace, containing all the necessary ingredients to cook 4 fresh and seasonal meals, if you please!


StartupOnly is a platform providing dozens of job and internship offers. These offers are only for startups. The website interface highlights the startup and its team. Its presentation is modern and interactive. Startups are free to personalize their ads to bring out the spirit of the business.

This allows startups to have a recruitment process more consistent with their needs. It is also a way for job applicants to choose the working environment they seek.

Studio Mazé

Studio Mazé designs in Paris three creative lines of accessible luxury clothing: ready-to-wear, ready-made and ready-fit. Thanks to creative tools, StudioMazé accompanies its customers in the development of its modern, assertive wardrobe, thus breaking the traditional approach of ready-to-wear clothing: ready-to-wear is dead, long live the ready-fit!


Swiper is a free Android mobile application that displays a handful of targeted advertising content based on the tastes of its users directly on the lock screen of the smartphone.


This startup specializes in men’s ready-to-wear clothing. It offers men a new look, based on simple, elegant and authentic clothes. Just for the record, “Vinifera” means “vine” in Latin. Wine expresses the conviviality and exchanges between friends: based on the values ​​of authenticity, elegance and simplicity, Justin and Patrick wish to bring together all those who like them seek comfort in their daily lives. Today’s dynamic man embodies these values ​​at work and at the city. The demand for quality and comfort in every style of dress lead them to seek a casual and elegant look.