The SPOT: a platform to find your partners!

The success of a startup depends very much on the quality of the team of co-founders. Ideally, the members of this team should be complementary. A project manager oriented marketing-management for example has every interest in associating with engineers, designers, financiers … An engineer project holder meanwhile, should further complement his team with “business” profiles. We can see in the support structures that many of these teams are incomplete. One or more roles of co-founders are still missing. Conversely, many people come to the structures to integrate a startup project, without knowing them.

This is why the NEOMA Business School Startup Lab launches in 2019 the first team completion platform: “The Spot”, the unmissable event for any entrepreneur looking for the perfect partner.

The principle ?

  • Do you have a project? Post it on the platform by specifying the skills you are looking for among your future partners!
  • Do you want to participate in an existing project? Respond to the announcements published by the entrepreneurs on the platform and meet your future partners!
  • Do you want to start a business, but have no idea yet? Join the community of shapers and build your own concept with others who share your values!